Havok for Windows Ecosystem

Havok offers support for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT across a full range of devices. The development environment features an emulator and native D3D11 support, plus Visual Studio 2012 which makes it easy for developers to bring their games to the Window 8 platform. Native code access allowed Havok to bring its C++ code base to the Windows ecosystem and offer truly optimized technology for developers. This delivers unprecedented freedom to create immersive physical 3D worlds, highly believable interactive characters, and stunning cinematic visuals across the entire Windows 8 product set.



In addition to offering full support for Windows Phone 8, Havok has been working on making significant technology enhancements specifically for mobile developers. Highlights of recent Havok Vision Engine mobile innovations include:

  • Under-the-hood optimizations to Havok Vision Engine allowing for powerful and fast rendering capabilities on mobile platforms
  • Full integration between Havok Vision Engine and Havok’s award winning middleware technologies including, Havok Physics, Havok Destruction, Havok Behavior, Havok AI and Havok Cloth
  • A new remote file serving system that will allow applications running on mobile devices to stream data from a developer PC with caching on mobile

Sample game - Part of the Havok Vision Engine mobile SDK

Demo of Havok Vision Engine on Windows Phone 8

Check out a demonstration of the Havok Vision Engine running on Windows Phone 8 and see how quickly mobile game developers can iterate on content and deliver great games with Havok Vision Engine.